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SansMinds Mysterious Funder Talk

For a long time, there's an intangible hurtle between the secrets - perhaps logic? - in the art of magic from the east side of the world and west side of the world. Technology has brought people closer than ever in history. It is the right timing to further our art by emerging the best and most elite performers' thinking from the opposite end of the world. My mission is to open the door in conjunction of the two sides and let the collaboration happens itself. The history shall be the witness of how far this project can take us.

In here, there's no 'OH MY GOD' that type of movie style fancy magic demos that build up the hype but show you no sense of the real important thing - magic. As performers, we all know the real reaction comes after a well presented effect. Our demo will only show you the real work as you are watching the effect live. No hype, no camera trick or editing, but realistic magic effect.

SansMinds Crew - Behind the scene crazy force that makes all these possible.





Store Manager



Canadian/ Made in Taiwan/ Addicted to Fancy Shoes

 Jeff has been with SansMinds since the very beginning. He is unquestionably one of the core  personnel  of SansMinds.  He took a short break from magic to obtain his MBA in UK but now he is back  to grow  with SansMinds. He is in charge of managing our online store. He oversees all the aspect of  the  business from sales analysis to inventory control.


International Sales Lead



 Japanese, Mandarin, English

 "Life is too important to be taken seriously."


Art Director




 Chinese descent/ Made in Canada/ Dark Coffee Addict

 Herman grew up with a love for magic. He started filming his own magic material in his mid-teens, and  pursued his love for film from there; by attending Vancouver Film School. His talent was scouted by  SansMinds while attending school. He started working with SansMinds, and has never looked back  since.


Assistant Art Director




 Vietnamese/ Made in Canada/ Loves to dance when no one is looking

 Jansen was born in beautiful British Columbia and started his love for magic when he saw a David  Copperfield special as a boy. He began practicing magic and digital media in his mid teens. He then  pursued his passion for video editing at the Vancouver Film School. Once finished school he started  freelance work and has grown and learned a lot from that experience. His love for magic is what led  to  working with us here and cannot wait to share with you the projects SansMinds has to offer.



Host of SansMinds



 Christopher Patrick Dwyer

 Half Irish/ Half Australian/ Made in Australia/ Hardcore DC fan

 Chris moved to Canada to pursue his love for acting. He’s always had an interesting in magic since  he  received his first magic kit at the age of 8; from his magician uncle. He loves working at SansMinds and  cannot wait to share more magic with the fans.

 Want more of him?

 Google/Facebook him up with "Christopher Patrick Dwyer"


Magician/ Street Performer




 Magic Levle:Asian/ Fish Lover - Gotta eat them all!

 Jason is our in house live performer. Hitting on girls and getting awesome reaction is mandatory for his  role. Since the age of nine, Jason had a fascination with magic. By age 12, he produced his first magic  and charity show. Since then he has dazzled people at hundreds of shows and hottest parties in  Vancouver. His brand of magic consist of mystery, humor and wonder.



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