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Submission Rules:


Rule 1: Submit effect(s) in video format : The video MUST BE unedited, and with NO background music. Perform the effect to the camera if you would to live spectators.


Rule 2: Introduce yourself : Spend a few seconds to let us know who you are; your name, where you’re from, etc, We want to know more about you, the artist.


Rule 3: Performance AND explanation : The video MUST contain a performance to the camera, followed by an one minute secret section; in which you briefly go through how the trick works in exposed angle within one minute.


Rule 4: Credit :  Briefly talk about how this effect was created and if it's inspired by an existing effect.


*****Submission Method: You MUST email you submission to Any other way will not reach to the product development team.


Note: We will not use your effect or method in any way without coming to an agreement with you first.