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Creative Lab

This is where top magic artists around the world collaborating with each other to evolve the raise the bar in magic for the next decade.

We believe magic can be even better merging different ideas, experience, and background from artists around the world into one single project. A true magicians helping magicians system that will be the new force to influence magic for years to come. When SansMinds Creative Lab was formed in late 2013, it was invitation only. Now with all the good things to come, we are ready to expand and offer opportunities for talents who seek for opportunities to shine.We are looking for more artists/developers to join the SansMinds Creative Team.

If you are seeking for a full time or part-time opportunity, drop you resume to submission [at] .

Resume should include:

1. Who you are
2. What have you done before (Related Experience)
3. Your specialty in magic and outside of magic
4. Show us some things you came up with



SansMinds Creative Lab Members