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Vapr Watch by Will Tsai

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Campaign cut off Date:  Feb 15th, 2017

VAPR Watch is an exclusive Pro Series item. Only available on

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What is Vapr Watch?

Created by master designer and the creator of Vapr, Will Tsai.

Vapr watch is the..

  1. highest technology ever available as a magic product 

  2. first million dollar project in researching and developing a magic prop

  3. first magic project made happen that’s cross industry cooperation with multi-industry giants

Vapr watch is made with same standard of high-end collectible watches that usually value at thousands of dollars. Because we want EVERY magician to use it, we decided to take the risk by keeping it affordable and making it available right above the production cost. For that reason, and for the very first time, we cannot afford to go through wholesale distribution. And we need your help.

We have prepared 300 Vapr Watch unit that are ready to go for our first 300 backers. So as you read, you might want to read fast.

When we first hopped on the project, we weren’t expecting this to be a million dollar project. Over the course of 4 years, we’ve put everything we could afford into developing the technology required to make Vapr Watch happen. We already have parts and everything ready to go, but we were unfortunately forced to stop the production at the last assembling stage due to financial shortage. Creating collectible Watch is a huge business, but magic is not; hence what it takes to produce collectible watches is something we never have expected. We want to make this happen for you and we need your help to bring this into mass production.

We need to collect the sales of 2000 units to push the production into the last assembling stage.

What you get for backing us

  1. Buy at lower rate ($249.95 instead of $400.00)

  2. One additional part that will not be available in mass production boxes, for FREE

  3. Not only would you get to be a part of history, you’d be the first to empower yourself with a fusion of elegance and amazement. 

What if we fail

  1. If our crowdfunding campaign fail, and we don’t have enough fund at the end of campaign, we will close the project and take the lost. No further purchase will be available. 

  2. We will hand assemble the watches and ensure they are delivered to our campaign supporter during the course of 2017; a first come first serve basis. It's because you chose to support us, and we can’t let you down. If you don’t want to wait, you can transfer the spot to a friend or get a full refund with no questions asked.

  3. You will have a true unique item that will never be available in the market again. 


Would you like to the James Bond of magic and perform with style?

Join us and select your color and package. Let’s make history together. NOW.

Note: If you are the first 300 backers, you watch is going out before mid January through UPS express. It will come with signature confirmation, tracking and $1000 USD insurance.

 Important: Please beware that due to the new lithium batteries restriction and our refill container, we are experiencing delays at customs clearance. The estimated time for delivery might be delay to after January but before our campaign ends (Feburary 15, 2017.) 

- How long does Vapr Watch last per FULL CHARGE? Average 116 puffs/triggers. Enough to last you a full day of performance. 
- Can I replace the battery on time piece? Yes you can.
- How many Vapr Watches can I sync w/ 1 Remote? No limit but you only need one. 
- How loud is the device? The device itself is completely silent.
- How big does my wrist need to be to wear the watch? Fully customizable.
- Does Vapr Watch have different sizes? One size.
- Can I reqest a custom colour? Not at this moment. And it’d be REALLY expensive.
- Can you adjust the time? Yes 
- How durable is Vapr Watch? We use it as our everyday watch.
- Can i use other oils to refill Vapr Watch? You cannot. It requires a residue free ingredient to work with the watch otherwise the smoke will get thinner and thinner.
- What comes in the box? Vapr, remote, arm band, USB charger, wall adapter
- Is there a timer to activate the smoke? No it’s remote control and you can do long trigger up to 60 seconds. 
- How much of the smoke can i inhale before I faint? It’s toxic free ingredient.
- Can I purchase a longer warranty? Yes and we’d advise you to.
- Is it water proof? Because there’s a hole emitting smoke, you can’t water proof the hole. However, as long as you don’t swim or shower with it, it’d be fine. We use as our everyday watch.


VAPR Watch comes with 1 refill pack, we strongly recommend performers to stock up on refill pack to save on shipping cost and time. 

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