New Release: Self-Flipping Notepad

Hey Everyone!

Just a quick announcement regarding a new release at our store. From the creator of Contrast, this is Victor Sanz’s latest release, Self-Flipping Notepad!

A modern variation to the age-old mind-reading routines. Check out the trailer below, or head straight to the product page here!

Watch your audience flip out with amazement and grab yourself a copy of Self-Flipping Notepad!

We hope you enjoy this release, and as always, thank you for supporting SansMinds.



The SansMinds Team

New Release: Vanishing Sharpie

Hello Everyone!

We at SansMinds would just like to announce the official release of Vanishing Sharpie from our very own Creative Lab!

Previously it was only available in limited quantities during the Magic Live Convention, and for a limited time during our Back-to-School promo. If you missed your chance to grab it then, don’t fret! We are excited to inform you that it is now available worldwide!

Check out the trailer down below, or go straight to the product page here.

We know you’ll love this one, so grab yourself a copy at our store, or from your favourite reseller! Thank you for supporting SansMinds!



The SansMinds Team