Instant Print (Digital)

by SansMinds Creative Lab

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Product Description

Instant Print is a modern take on a classic effect… the color change.

Imagine taking a card that is completely blank and instantly transforming it into a spectator’s selection. With Instant Print, this is not only possible but it’s easy to do.

The Instant Print download provides detailed instructions on how to build your own gimmick, as well as a fully constructed routine to get you started on exploring the possibilities.

The Instant Print gimmick is very easy to construct and even easier to use.

Get it now and learn it instantly.


Please note this is a DIY project and additional material is required. 


What you recevied:

1 streamable video


TV right now included with purchase. Please contact us for TV rights. 

1 review for Instant Print (Digital)

  1. 3 out of 5


    Not so practical…
    but has a very good effect…

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