Onichan Osaka Style

by Zee


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Product Description

We all love color changes. Especially visual ones with as little covers as possible.

In coin magic, most of us usually stop at spellbound, but Zee is not a fan of the spellbound type of routines.

Changing a single coin back and forth numerous times can only make spectators perceive you as an excellent sleight of hand artists at most.

However, changing 3 coins one by one progressively getting more visual and turning them all back to original form instantaneously with a snap of fingers… This can pass as a moment of real magic.

In OOS (Onichan Osaka Style), Zee will share 3 of his original coin color changes that you can use in your spellbound routines or link them together to perform a well structured standing up wild coin without cups or mugs, just pure sense of wonder.

Learn Zee’s favorite creation in coin magic of all time NOW!




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