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Sonic Stab (Digital)

by Loki Kross


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Product Description

Back in the day, magician’s would carry a sword or dagger and use it to pierce a spectator’s chosen card, creating an aura of mystery and danger.

Of course carrying a sword in today’s society is not a good idea, but don’t fret, because Loki Kross has come up with a modern twist to a classic routine!

Introducing Sonic Stab!

Throw a deck of cards into the air, grab your headphones, crack it like a whip, and stab right through your spectator’s card!

It is easy to setup, easy to perform, and you can pretend to be a magical Indianna Jones while your at it!


What you get:

1 Streamable/Downloadable Instructional Video


TV rights not included with purchase. Please contact SansMinds for TV rights.


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