SansMinds Opens International Studios

In 2017, SansMinds and the SanMinds magic team traveled the world working on some amazing international projects.  From high level production in China, to Will Tsai’s performance on AGT, we were really, really busy.  In fact, if you haven’t seen our 2017 Reel where we talk about all of this, you should check it out right here. 

During our time in different parts of the world, we realized that there’s a lot of magic out there… a lot more than we ever thought possible.  And much of the best magic in the world is coming from places both expected and unexpected. So this year we are doing something different.  

WE ARE EXPANDING! SansMinds has decided to expand our international boarders and create 3 new satellite studios! And so, we are proud to announce the three new branches of SansMinds:

SansMinds Barcelona
SansMinds Istanbul 
SansMinds Las Vegas

Each with a unique style and perspective, our new international branches will focus on the creative geniuses from these different parts of the world, and feature the creativity and production skills of locals from each branch.  Stay tuned for more news about these satellite studios, and tell us which is your favorite and why!

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